Distinguish your plate with mustard microgreens

You May Be Surprised

Recently I decided to try out several different kinds of mustard microgreens to see what some of the key differences are. During my trials, two things really stood out. One is that mustard can have many different flavors, from very spicy to mild to unique and earthy. The second characteristic that stood out is the different colors. In this article I will share with you my experiences with the mustards I grew, the flavors, the appearance and potential uses.

Tokyo Bekana Mustard Microgreens

Tokyo Bekana Mustard Microgreens

This was one of the most interesting mustards of the trial. With it’s very mild flavor and nice crunch Tokyo Bekana is a microgreen I will continue to grow. Tasting more like Pak Choi than mustard to me, those who typically don’t care for mustards may still enjoy this.

Tokyo Bekana was one of the fastest growing mustard microgreens in this trial and produced the most substantial yield. An extremely easy microgreen to grow, I definitely would recommend Tokyo Bekana to novice microgreen growers.

Due to it’s large leaves and substantial growth this mustard is the perfect addition to microgreen mixes or salad blends. The Pak Choi flavor would make this microgreen ideal to use in mild asian cuisines.

Osaka Purple Mustard Microgreens

Osaka Purple Mustard Microgreens

A Japanese mustard, Osaka Purple had the most unique flavor of all the microgreens grown in this trial. The flavor starts out with earthy tones and the quickly turns to a nice spicy wasabi like flavor mustard microgreens are known for.

A fast growing microgreen that can easily be grown by a beginner, Osaka Purple mustard is also excellent as a baby salad green. Use this mustard anywhere you would use wasabi or want to add spicy punch. Because of the unique flavor I enjoyed this microgreen completely on it’s own as well.

Colorful leaves with purple edges Osaka Purple mustard looks fantastic used as an edible garnish. Add these atop or beside any dish to add some spicy and beauty or use them in wraps and sushi.

Southern Giant Curled Mustard

Southern Giant Curled Mustard

A classic mustard, Southern Giant Curled microgreens have a powerful mustard kick. These taste exactly like you would expect from mustard, though even more powerful when grown as a microgreen.

Another very easy to grow microgreen that grows nice and tall making harvesting a breeze providing a healthy yield.

Use these in salads, sandwiches and wraps. The are also a great addition to a spicy microgreens mix.

Red Garnet Mustard Microgreens

Red Garnet Mustard

A personal favorite of mine, Red Garnet Mustard microgreens are just beautiful, especially when the first true leaves are allowed to grow a bit. The cotyledons are a dark purple with specks of lime green coming through. The first true leaves are a very bright green offering a wonderful contrast to the cotyledons.

These do have the spicy bite you expect from mustard but not as powerful as some of the others. The beauty of the Red Garnet Mustard microgreens makes them an excellent choice for just about any dish, salad or microgreens mix. While very simple to grow it is highly recommended you grow them a little longer to get that first true leaf to really pop.

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