Flavorful Microgreens You Will Love

With so many varieties of, you may be wondering which ones you will enjoy the most. Many are surprised to find out they typically taste just like the their adult counterparts but sometimes with a more powerful flavor. In this article we will create several flavor categories and discuss which microgreens belong there and why.

Spicy Microgreens Category

You might be surprised to learn that many microgreens are quite spicy! Here are some of my favorite spicy microgreens.


Radish Microgreens are probably the most well known for its spicy punch. They come in many colors from red to yellow, while some are more spicy than others you can expect them all to have a least some of that nice radish heat.


While most mustards are spicy, there is a large bandwidth to the amount of heat to expect. A mild mustard like the Mizuna is great for those who do not care for a spicy mustard. If a bold and spicy mustard is what you are after, give the Wasabi Mustard a try, this is sure to wake up your taste buds.

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A microgreen with more flavor and spice than its adult counterpart, Arugula Microgreens have a complex flavor of nuttiness and spice. These are a favorite of mine to add onto sandwiches or even munch them down on their own for a healthy snack.


Known for edible flowers, nasturtiums can be an excellent choice as a microgreen. These can have a very complex flavor of sweet and spicy like the Empress of India Nasturtiums . The nasturtium leaves have a very unique shape and the stems can have beautiful colors of pinks, purple and yellow.

Herbal Microgreens Category

Many of the herbs you are familiar with can also be grown as a microgreen. Herbal microgreens can be used the same way you would use fresh herbs or experiment with the amazing, bold flavors as a delicious garnish.


Typically when people think of basil, they think of the basic Genovese Basil . Though there are more flavors to try out! Thai Basil has some licorice undertones you may not expect while Cinnamon Basil has a slightly spicy flavor to it. There are so many great uses for basil, with it’s different flavors you can add it to many different dishes.


A love it or hate herb, Cilantro Microgreens are great with any mexican cuisine. Cilantro can be an acquired taste, though some claim it tastes like soap. Beautiful as a garnish with a fresh bright flavor (If you like it)! I love these to top off a nice bowl of chili.

Curled Cress

Until I started to grow microgreens, I had never tried Curled Cress. The peppery flavor is quite unique with an almost minty tone to it. Great on sandwiches, and paired with seafood. Cress germinates and grows extremely fast.


It’s no surprise that the flavor of a dill pickle comes from the dill herb! Dill Microgreens take a long time to germinate and grow but they are an excellent addition to seafood and soups.

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Mild Flavored Microgreens

Brassicas are one of the largest categories of leafy greens. Most of these are similar in flavor separated largely by their looks and nutritional values. Since these are all mild in flavor, this will be a list of popular ones to try out.

Uniquely Flavored Microgreens

These microgreens don’t really fit in any one category due to the unique flavors they have. This is my favorite category, who doesn’t love unexpected flavors?

Sunflower Shoots

When I first started growing microgreens, sunflower was one that really stood out. Sunflower Microgreens have an interesting nutty flavor. Very crisp and hearty, even kids love munching these down. I wonder who was the first to decide to try sunflowers as a microgreen? I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. It is very important to harvest these before the first true leaves come in or they become bitter.


Known for it’s pretty little blue flowers, Borage Microgreens taste just like a fresh cucumber. When used in a microgreen salad mix, these are absolutely delicious.

Corn Shoots

Grown in the dark Corn Shoots are a bright yellow. This is another love it or hate it microgreen that has a artificial sweetener flavor. Perfect for pairing with desserts!

Red Veined Sorrel

A wonderfully pretty microgreen that takes a lot of patience to grow! Very bright leaves with deep red streaks throughout, Red Veined Sorrel has a pleasant citrus flavor that is quite surprising.

Pea Shoots

Usually the first microgreen people try. Everyone who eats a Pea Shoot for the first time can’t believe how they taste just like a fresh sweet pea!

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