Brightly colored Rainbow Beet Microgreens

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So Much Color! A Gorgeous Microgreen

Microgreens are largely used to set dishes apart with their bright colors, powerful flavors and beautiful features. Few Microgreens offer colors as bright as Rainbow Beets, also known as Detroit Beets Mix from True Leaf Market. With stems of bright yellows, deep reds and brilliant pinks these beets are sure to make your plate stand out and provide for an incredible presentation.

That Microgreen Beet Flavor

Rainbow Beets pack a strong beets flavor without being overpowering. Beets are strong in flavor by themselves, adding these Microgreens to just about any dish really tames that beet flavor and they become more of a garnish, adding flavor without taking over. Rainbow Beet Microgreens are great in salads, paired with any meat and make a beautiful garnish

A Challenging Microgreen to Grow

A challenging Microgreen to produce, they are easier to grow than rainbow chard. Chards and Beets are challenging due to the seeds being a “cluster” seed Microgreen. This means more than one plant will sprout from each seed, and the seed hull is not easily shed from the little plants making harvesting difficult. Both chard and beets being difficult, beets are less prone to damping off issues and germination is more even than rainbow chard. While a low yielding crop you can expect 5 – 6 ounces from a 10″ x 20″ tray. The low yield can be made up by the high desirability of this Microgreen, so expect this little gem to cost more than your average Microgreen.

Purchase From us or Grow Your Own

Brabant Farms is not only committed to providing Microgreens of the highest quality but also to teaching others how to grow them themselves. Follow these grow tips to increase your chances of getting a quality crop.

Use a light fluffy soil with a fair amount of perlite and excellent drainage. Stagnant water is the enemy of all Microgreens, especially Beet Microgreens. We love Sunshine Mix #4, this soil is a very high quality soil perfect for a long term growing Microgreen like Rainbow Beets. Place a 1020 tray with holes in a 1020 tray without holes and spread about 1″ of soil in it.

Planting Rainbow Beet Microgreens
Water the soil heavily then evenly spread 60 grams of dry Detroit Beets Mix onto the soil. Use the Microgreens Calculator to find out the cost of seed per ounce of Rainbow Beets produced! Very lightly cover the seeds with a layer of soil, keep the soil super thin and nearly transparent, you want just enough soil to stick to the seeds without creating a solid layer over them. Use a spray bottle and gently mist the soil enough to dampen it. Use an upside down 1020 tray without holes over the trays a blackout dome and place in an area between 70 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 days. Once most of the Rainbow Beets have germinated and some are 3/4″ tall, remove the blackout dome and place under lights for 16 hours a day. Lightly mist the Microgreens daily, adding water to the bottom tray only when the soil begins to dry out. A fan keeping a steady breeze on the Rainbow beets and a humidity of < 60% will ensure a healthy crop. After 2 weeks under lights your Rainbow Beet Microgreens are ready to harvest!

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