Amazing Microgreens Begin With Quality Seeds


Our seed source is critical, here’s why

Germination Rates

The germination rate of Microgreen seeds is extremely important when growing these little beauty’s. At Brabant Farms we grow to order, this means we need to know exactly how much product we will grow with a given amount of seed. If we get inconsistent or poor germination rates we will come up short on harvest day.

Customers simply will not continue ordering from a producer that doesn’t follow through on the delivery. This is one of the many reasons we use True Leaf Market for all of our seeds. Germination rates are also a major factor in controlling mold and damping off. If seeds do not germinate they will rot and become moldy, while this might be observed easily on Sunflower or Peas it is even more important with sensitive Microgreens such as Amaranth. Difficult Microgreens tend to be prone to damping off, while not entirely attributed to germination rates it is definitely a major factor. These delicate Microgreens can’t withstand any mold around there tiny little stems and roots. Once mold begins to set in it can spread across a tray rapidly causing major crop loss, unhappy farmers and disappointed customers. We like happy customers, germination rates mean a lot to us.

Organic and GMO Free Microgreen Seeds

You may have noticed organic and GMO free produce is all the rage with consumers. People want to eat fresh, organic and GMO free nutritious food. There is no fresher produce than locally grown greens. If you are going to have fresh produce, you probably want it to be organic, True Leaf Market has been a providing non-GMO seeds for over 40 years! They have a huge selection of organic seeds and conventional non-GMO as well.

Microgreen seed selection

We love variety and want to offer our customers a broad range of Microgreens to choose from. Largely used as an edible garnish, our chefs enjoy an array of colors. True Leaf Market offers some of the best Microgreen seed choices available and we grow nearly all of them. Here is are just a few of our favorites for the bright colors and incredible flavors.

Corn Shoots: Grown in the dark, these Microgreens are bright yellow like a highlighter. These are sure to pop out on any dish and are fantastic on deserts due to there powerful sweet flavor. So sweet they taste similar to artificial sweetener, and for this reason they are not for everyone, however they are one of our favorites.


Red Garnet Amaranth: A chef favorite, this Microgreen is possibly the most beautiful of them all. With deep reds and purple undertones this Microgreen is sure to make the most ordinary plates extraordinary. Amaranth has a very mild flavor, similar to a beet flavor but much lighter.  This is one of the more challenging Microgreens to grow as it is extremely sensitive to overwatering, overcrowding and loves warm temperatures. Quality microgreen seeds are extremely important when growing Amaranth to prevent help prevent some of the common issues.


Rambo Radish: Radish is one of the easiest Microgreens to grow and one of the most rewarding. Those who have never tried a radish Microgreen are always amazed to find that this little green tastes just like its mature counterpart. The flavor is truly amazing. This particular variety has dark purple stems and leaves making it really stand out.

Fast and Free Shipping

Nobody wants to pay for shipping and Brabant Farms is no exception. At True Leaf Market  shipping is FREE on all orders of $45 or more. With there huge selection and the fact that the larger the quantity you order the better the pricing gets, we have no problem meeting the $45 requirement. Shipping is fast as well, we typically receive our orders within 3 business days.

Customer Service

Any company is only as good as their customer service. We have contacted True Leaf Market on several occasions and have always been greeted by a helpful HUMAN at the other end. They are prepared to help with questions ranging from basic to expert growing advice.

Did you guess our favorite supplier yet?

Clearly we love True Leaf Market and we think you will too. If you are itching to try your hand at growing Microgreens you might consider giving them a try. For information to get you started on your own micro journey, be sure to check out our post on growing your own.

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