The Freshest Locally Grown Microgreens

Our Microgreens stand out, here’s why!

We only sell Microgreens Locally

By selling locally to the Upper Valley Region we are able to provide the freshest Microgreens you can get anywhere in the world. We sell locally grown microgreens harvested the night before they are delivered, this ensures the customer is always presented with Microgreens that are crisp, flavorful and will maintain their freshness for many days. Our Pea shoots, Radishes, Sunflower shoots and others can last for weeks in cold storage.

Our Microgreens are grown to order

At Brabant Farms, we know our customers, we know what they want and when. When you set up a delivery schedule with us, we plant our Microgreens specifically for you in anticipation of the harvest/delivery date. By doing this we eliminate waste, prevent long term storage, and ensure the customers gets what they asked for.

Grown in Soil

There are many methods of growing Microgreens, however we believe soil grown Microgreens to be of the highest quality. Chefs have long suggested there is a difference in taste between soil grown and hydroponic grown Microgreens. We use high quality potting soils comprised of Coco Coir, Peat moss, Perlite and organic compost. We compost our used Microgreen soil and reuse it in our outdoor gardens to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Quality Microgreens Seed

The seeds used to grow Microgreens is one of the most important factors in getting a quality product. For this reason all of our seeds are sourced through True Leaf Market . We are able to achieve very high germination rates, drastically reducing the risk of seeds rotting in the trays. Seeds arrive to us quickly, packaged nicely and are very clean. We are able to offer a large variety of Microgreens from Red Garnet Amaranth to Sunflower.

Microgreens Palace

Our Microgreens Growing Process

Having a solid process for growing Microgreens can go a long way to providing a quality product. Different variety’s of Microgreens are grown in many different ways. Through trial and error, we have become quite proficient in the process for over 20 different Microgreen crops. Our Microgreens are inspected daily and we are able to quickly determine if a crop is too dry, too wet, too cold, too hot or needs more light. Because we are committed to to quality and keep such a close eye on our crops, we are able to consistently provide some of the highest quality Microgreens in the world.


Harvesting and Packaging Microgreens

All of our Microgreens are harvested by hand and closely inspected at that time. As our Microgreens are cut, they are immediately packaged in recyclable Clam Shells . Grown in a clean environment, our Microgreens are delivered unwashed to maintain freshness, reducing the risk of damaging them during the wash and dry process.  Harvesting of our Microgreens is only done in optimal conditions. The Microgreens are not watered on harvest day and are only harvested when the humidity is below 50%. Ensuring our Microgreens are not packaged damp allows for extended shelf life for our customers.

Microgreens Delivery

We personally deliver our Microgreens directly to our customers. The Microgreens are kept cool from harvest to delivery.Maintaining a cool temperature from harvest to plating gives our Microgreens a fresh edge.

If you would like to give our Microgreens a shot, please contact us and we will schedule a delivery of free samples!!


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