Featured Chef Using Our Microgreens

A Customer Deserving of Special Recognition!

Chef Brent Battis of B&W Catering Company

A favorite customer of ours, Chef Battis has been purchasing our Microgreens for over a year now. Chef Battis and his wonderful wife, Whitney have been the owners and operators of B&W Catering since 2014. This incredible duo and their assistants have been serving the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire spectacular cuisines ever since. As a long time student of culinary arts, Chef Battis earned his associates degree in 2010 from Southern New Hampshire University, however he has been in the customer satisfaction business for more than 20 years.

In 2013 Chef Battis authored a book of gourmet recipes titled The Easy Gourmet. He has been the executive chef and general manager at several local establishments such as 3 Guys Basement BBQ and Murphy’s on the Green. As a super fan of local food, he became in instructor at a local Coop. During his 3+ years teaching students, Chef Battis focused on educating students on the importance of locally grown food. He learned early that nothing beats local food for freshness, flavor and nutrition.

We would like to thank B&W for being such fantastic customers and exceptional contributors of the community they operate in. Thank You!

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